3 Major Australia Immigration Changes Announced By Turnbull Administration in 2017

Australia grabbed the attention of the world in the month of April, 2017 with its unanticipated immigration announcements. Australia is one of the most preferred immigration destinations in the world and hence, it’s obvious that people have interest in every news and event associated with Australian immigration system or procedure. The annual immigration rate of Australia is staggering compared to rest of the countries in the world.

Major Australia Immigration Changes Announced

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced key changes in Australia immigration process in the month of April, 2017. These changes mainly deal with key temporary work visa program and occupations lists of Australia, etc.  Let’s take a look at the key changes announced by Australian government this month.

  • 457 Visa Program Scrapped

In an important announcement on April 18, 2017, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, scrapped the famous 457 Visa program. The 457 visa allows overseas skilled workers to live and work in Australia for up to 4 years. This in fact, created a huge roar among the immigration applicants, opposition, and intellectuals. The impact of this visa ban is expected to be considerable on the countries, i.e. China, India, and Britain, etc.

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  • Occupation Lists Renamed

In an another key event, government announced to replace the high demand occupations lists of the country, which allows foreign skilled workers to nominate an occupation in order to apply for temporary or permanent visa in Australia. As per the government, effective April 19, 2017, Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) has replaced the previous ‘Skilled Occupation List’ (SOL) and Combined List of Eligible Skilled Occupations has replaced the earlier ‘Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List’ (CSOL).

  • Australian Citizenship Test become stricter

After the gap of couple of years, Australian government gave another surprise to the applicants by announcing tougher requirements for the individuals looking to apply for citizenship in Australia. The one year residence requirement for citizenship has been raised to 4 years, out of which one year can be spent outside Australia. The level of English language proficiency has also been enhanced for the applicants along with improved questionnaire. Moreover, number of attempts to apply for Citizenship test I Australia has also been restricted to three. Earlier there was no such limit to apply for citizenship test in Australia.

Also, ReadSOL & CSOL of Australia have been replaced by two new Occupation Lists- MLTSSL & STSOL

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