Australia accepted 3848 applications for Software & Applications Programmers in 2016-17- Apply fast to be the next

Australia is land of milk and honey for you if you are an IT professional. The Australia- the Kangaroo land is known for offering best wages to the overseas IT professionals and workers. People from different parts of the world every year apply for Australian visa and most of them often make it to this incredible country. Several IT occupations in Australia are in great demand. The occupation of Software & Applications Programmers is one such high demand occupations in the country.

Software & Applications Programmers demand in Australia

There is great demand of Software & Applications Programmers across various states and territories in Australia. This is the reason that this occupation features in the high demand occupation list of Australia, i.e. Skilled Occupation List for 2016-17.

In fact, government has kept the quota of 5662 applications (occupation Ceiling limit) for this particular occupation for the year 2016-17. However, out of the total number of applications, about       3848 applications have been received and accepted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Apply fast to work in Australia as Software & Applications Programmer

If you are looking to move and work in Australia as a Software & Applications Programmer, you must nominate this occupation and apply for the right visa through SkillSelect system. You should prepare your file quickly and apply fast as now only 1814 applications are left to apply under this occupation.

Looking at the huge competition for the visa under this occupation, the people who apply first have greater chance of securing the place.

What is the right visa category to apply?

To move to Australia as a skilled immigrant, Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa is the best visa category. To apply for subclass 189 visa, you don’t need sponsorship of Employer in Australia or nomination from any state or territory government agency like the other visa categories. You can directly apply for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa through online SkillSelect System.

How it works?

Subclass 189 visa is a point tested visa. Hence to apply for this visa, you need to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect and score minimum 60 points based on your age, qualification, English language proficiency, experience, etc. factors. If you are selected by the authorities, you will get invitation to apply for visa. You need to submit visa application within 60 days along with all essential documents intact.

Don’t forget to gather necessary documents to apply in SkilSelect, i.e. English proficiency test and Skill Assessment report from a relevant authority.

If you are not well versed with immigration rules, and guidelines of Australia, you may get the help of a registered Australian Visa Consultancy firm. A genuine immigration consultant not only help you in online procedure, but also provide you complete assistance in visa application filing and follow up of the same. For any query or assistance in Australia immigration and visa filing process, you may send an email to the certified migration expert at email id-

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