Applying for Subclass 189 Visa in Australia? Here are a few key tips to Succeed

Australia facilitates the worldwide skilled workers by allowing them ample employment and growth opportunities. The skilled workers and professionals from all parts of the world move to Australia to grab the best wages in the world along with the high standards of living that always come as a bonus when you move to the ‘land down under’. Australia offers several skilled visas to allow immigrants in the country. One such popular skilled visa in the country is Subclass 189 Visa.

Applying for Subclass 189 Visa in Australia

Australian Subclass 189 Visa is the most popular Australian visa. It’s the permanent residence visa that allows the visa holder and his eligible family members to come to and live in Australia on a permanent basis. Let’s take a look at the key things you must assess and complete while applying for this key Australian visa.

If you are familiar with the Australian visa process, you can apply on your own as most of the process is online, however, if you are applying for the skilled visa in Australia for the first time, it’s always good to take services from an immigration consultant accredited with MARA (immigration regulatory body in Australia).

Haste makes waste

Always get your documents assessed and reviewed well by an expert. There is no point applying in hurry and waiting for months when application is stuck for one or another reason. Hence, apply after deeply checking the each immigration and eligibly aspect. The documents, i.e. work experience, qualification, marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc. should be in line and intact well in advance.

Documents in waiting

Always use the best authority to obtain the key documents needed to submit EOI (Expression of Interest) in the SkillSelect, i.e. English Language Proficiency test result & Skill Assessment report, etc. If you are applying through a genuine immigration consultant, you may get the vital assistance from them in this regard. Obtaining the documents in time is also crucial, hence, apply timely, and do the regular follow up about your documents in waiting.

Apply through an Accredited Immigration Consultant

It’s always good to apply for Australian visa through a MARA registered migration agent and not through an unregistered consultant, which often look to make money from the applicants. There is no point losing money and crucial years of your life in waiting for a visa. Hence, always choose a trusted and genuine Australia immigration consultant for your visa process.

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Submitting application for Visa

Never take submission of visa application lightly once you have received an ITA (Invitation to apply) for Visa. There are several candidates, which get rejected for the Australian visa, even after receiving the ITA online. The visa application must be submitted with accuracy and precision. That’s where the experience and expertise of a reliable immigration consultant come in to play. An immigration consultant provide you vital help in gathering all the key documents and submitting visa application accurately, which most often eliminates the chances of denial on the application.

So, if you are in process to apply for Australian Subclass 189 visa, get your file prepared in advance on your own or with the help of a trusted Australian immigration consultant.

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