Australia gets Strict on Criminal Visa Holders

Australia is an ideal destination for the ethical immigrants. However, when it comes to unethical immigration or criminal visa holders, Australian government is quite strict and intolerant. The criminal visa holders in Australia have already seen the unforgiving side of the government, in 2016, when about 1,000 overseas nationals, who were accused of committing crime, removed from Australia after cancellation of their visa.

The Immigration Rules across the word are getting tougher

The tough stand of Australian government is an indication that immigration rules are getting tough all across the world. Prior to Australia, USA and UK have also imposed several strict immigration rules to control the immigration in the country. Let’s find out as to how the immigration rules across the world are getting stricter with every passing year.

UK on Immigration

The Brexit is the key example of how the advanced countries are concerned about the increased or improper immigration in their respective countries. Last year, through a parliamentary voting, UK decided to leave the European Union, in view of a huge number immigrants flooding to UK from other European countries.

US On Immigration

The USA although, is making its immigration rules tougher since long, however, after Donald Trump taking over as the new US president, immigration policy of the America has raised a huge roar and chaos world over. Trump has recently signed an immigration order that bans the entry of the immigrants from seven Muslim countries in the USA. The Trump administration has been justifying the decision in the name of national security.

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Australia on Immigration

While the immigration policies of USA and UK can be questioned based on certain grounds, the Australia’s stand against criminal visa holders and illegal immigrants is completely justified. Now the Migration Act of Australia, under section 501, allows the Immigration Minister of Australia to eliminate those Visa holders from the country, who get involved in criminal activities. Hence, to deal with such wrongful visa holders, the government has strengthened the section 501 of Migration Act, 2014. Since the key amendments done in Migration Act of Australia, the visa of about 2000 foreign nationals cancelled across different states and territories of the country. All such visa holders were involved in criminal activities, i.e. Murder, violent crimes, manslaughter, armed robbery, sexual offence against children, kidnapping, and organized crimes, etc.

The immigration Minister Peter Dutton has made it clear that the government will deal strictly with foreign nationals involved in criminal activities to protect the Australian community.

Australia and Canada are still the ideal countries for immigrants

While immigration policies of few of the advanced nations are in question, Australia and Canada continue to be the best countries for immigrants. Australia welcomes millions of people every year, who come to Australia on work visa, PR visa, student visa, business visa or tourist visa, etc. While most of the immigrants adhere to the laws and regulations of Australia, a minority among them get involved in criminal activities.

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Ethical immigration to either Canada or Australia is supported by the government in both the countries. If you have plans to immigrate to Australia or Canada, you may get in touch with a registered Immigration Consultant to follow the ethical immigration pathways and get the visa approval in any of these countries in a hassle free manner.

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