Australia is likely to be the Immigrant’s Paradise after Trump’s Presidency in the USA

The US Presidential elections have impacted several countries across the globe one way or other. And it will continue to influence the world in coming few months as well. Talking about Australia, the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and real estate websites of Australia have already confirmed the rise in the enquiries from the USA post the election results.

Impact of US Elections on the world

It’s not Australia only; Canada and New Zealand have also noticed enormous traffic from the US on their respective official immigration sites. In fact, Canada’s immigration website got crashed on the night of US Presidential Elections. A huge number of displeased and feared Americans after Trump’s victory in US elections started exploring the pathways to move to countries, i.e. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Surge in immigration applications from US may increase in Australia

Australia is one of the most advanced nations with all the infrastructure facilities and career growth opportunities. In fact, Australia offers higher wages than US to the skilled migrants in certain key occupations, i.e. IT, Engineering, etc. This is the reason that a vast number of people are planning to immigrate to Australia from US.

Will it affect the overall immigration to Australia as well?

Well, there is every possibility of this happening. The USA is a key immigration destination in the world and the people who had plans to immigrate to USA have already started looking for the alternate options. And there are very few countries at now which can be called as the ideal immigration destination. Australia is certainly one of them. Hence, several US immigration aspirants all across the world now see Australia as the perfect alternate immigration destination looking at the whole chaos in the USA at now.

What makes Australia the ideal choice for immigrants?

Australia is a huge country with powerful economy and multiple job opportunities, its world class infrastructure, most livable cities, excellent education system, also makes a popular choice among immigrants. Australia also has one of the most organized immigration systems in the world that allows migrants to move to Australia with minimum processing time. Apart from this, Australia is also facing skill shortage due to the ageing population in the country; hence, it is looking to invite more and more highly skilled workers in country to fill the skill gaps.

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