Australia may soon need vast number of people from Overseas for its Digital Technology Sector


Australia’s digital technology sector may create multiple jobs in the years to come. Hence, Australia may soon need a huge number of people with relevant skills. As of now the employers are not getting the people with skills they want and if the right people are not hired from overseas, the skill gap is likely to widen further.

Scarcity of People with Required skills

Australia may soon see a boom in the digital technology. And as of now there is a shortage of people having skills in 3D printing, robotics, data analysis, etc. says, recruiting experts. These are also the high demand skills as per the Hays Quarterly Report of in demand skills in Oz.

Challenges in Attracting right skills

At now the demand of people with technology skills is high and hence, many advanced nations want to attract the people with these skills. So, it’s up to the immigrant workers also as to where they want to move.

The MD of Hays has also pointed out the need of new skills in the country. As per him, the technology is advancing every month every year and to compete with the top organizations in the world, new technologies and skills needs to be adapted fast.

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Need to up-skill the people

All industries today need the technology and concepts of technology, hence, it’s wise to recognize your Technology needs and requirements fast and focus on the same to get desired results in terms of growth and development. You can’t get the experts all the time in every field; however, you can gradually up skill the people and also hire the immigrants workers from overseas to fill the gaps.

Hays emphasized on the need to upskill the people. The Managing Director, Hays has cautioned that without any progress in this regard the gap between the demand and requirement of employers and available skills will continue to widen further.

The demand of people having technological skills is rising irrespective of their occupation, i.e. engineering, Accountant, Architect, School Teachers focused on Technology, etc. Digital content writers, website maintenance experts, sales administrators, etc. are also in demand.

High time to apply for Australian Visa

If you wish to live and work in Australia, it’s the great time to apply for the relevant skilled visa and move to the lucky country. Australia has one of the best immigration systems in the world. Its visa processing time is also one of the fastest in the world.

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What are the relevant skilled visa options to move to Australia?

The key point tested skilled visas in Australia are as follows:

  • Subclass 189 visa (Independent skilled permanent visa)
  • Subclass 190 Visa (State nominated permanent visa)
  • Subclass 489 Visa (temporary state nominated visa for four years)

If you are applying for the immigration to Australia for the first time, you may take the services from a reliable and registered Australian Visa and Immigration Consultant.

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