Australia need Architects & Landscape Architects- Apply for Relevant Visa now

Australia is a wonderful country to visit, work, study, or settle. Number of people moving to Australia ever year, for work and permanent residency is staggering. Though, its ideal country for immigration, however, the skilled migrants with great skills and experience, often have greater chance of obtaining the visa in Australia. Not just any skills, but the skills, which have great demand in Australian states and territories. But how come you know whether, your skills or occupation has a demand in Australia.

Well, to know that you need to explore Australia’s Skilled Occupation List or Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). The occupation of Architects & Landscape Architects is one of the high demand occupations in Australia. Hence, if you apply for a skilled visa in Australia under this occupation, your chances of securing visa will be higher.

Job responsibilities of the Architects & Landscape Architects

Let’s find out the key job responsibilities of the Architects & Landscape Architects

  • Send information about designs, materials and estimated building times
  • Examining construction work in progress to make certain the adherence to plans, quality standards and specifications
  • Getting ready the project documentation, including sketches and scale drawings, and integrating structural, mechanical and aesthetic elements in final designs
  • Seeking advice from Professionals and clients about exterior area designs, costs and construction
  • Assembling and assessing site and community data about geographical and ecological features, soils, site hydrology, vegetation, landforms, visual characteristics and human-made structures, to plan land use and development recommendations, and to get ready the environmental impact statements
  • Acquiring suggestions from management and clients to find out type, style and size of planned buildings and renovation in existing buildings
  • Getting ready the reports, site plans, working drawings, specifications and cost estimates for land development, showing location and details of proposals, including ground modeling, structures, vegetation and access

How to apply for visa?

If you have explored the job responsibilities and methods to choose an occupation, it’s time to choose and apply for relevant Australian visa to apply under the given occupation in SOL/CSOL.

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This is the time you must choose between the right skilled visas in Australia, i.e.

  • Subclass 189 Visa- Independent permanent residence visa
  • Subclass 190 Visa- State nominated permanent visa
  • Subclass 489 Visa- State nominated temporary visa for 4 years

Subclass 189 stands the most popular and applied Australian visa, which needs no nomination or sponsorship from Australian state or employer. You can apply for any of the above visas through online SkillSelect system and score minimum 60 points to qualify. If your profile is selected, invitation will be issued to you via SkillSelect to apply for visa within 60 days.

The process may be bit technical and complicated for you to understand, particularly, if you are applying for the Australia immigration for the first time. Hence, to understand and follow the process accurately, you may choose to hire a genuine and registered Visa Consultancy for Australia immigration process.


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