Australia to Introduce the Contactless Airport Security System- First Country to do so

Australia is going to introduce the contactless airport security and verification. It will be the first country in the world to implement such airport security. Now there won’t be any need of passports on Australia’s international airports. The contactless airport security will be implemented through the Biometric processing.

Investing massive amount on Biometric System

Australia is spending about $93.7 million to install and implement the new biometric processing across all the international airports and sea ports of the country. It will ensure that the travelers arriving on international ports can just walk through the immigration process of Australia.

What is Biometric Processing?

The Biometric processing will play a vital role in verification of the people traveling through the international airports of Australia by identifying their fingerprints, faces, and irises, etc. This will replace the traditional method of verifying the passports on airports.

Australia’s first Contactless Airport Security System will be installed on Canberra International airport on trial basis this year only, confirmed by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). It will be initially for few key flights. However, the full flash implementation of this system is expected by the year 2020.

Airport Security of Australia will be much smooth and stronger

The technology of the new contactless airport security system will ensure the seamless yet stronger airport security on Australian international airports. Now the people arriving on Australia’s international airports will be able to walk through the security process more like a domestic airport processing.

This whole concept was announced as the Seamless Traveller by the government of Australia in the year 2013 and it begin later in the year 2015. As per reports, the government plans to ensure 90 percent of airports immigration processing through latest biometric system only by 2020.

Contactless system will replace the SmartGates

The new Contactless Airport Security technology is the next step to the SmartGates presently installed on Australian airports, which ensures electronic scanning of the passports. The SmartGates will be obsolete soon and hence will retire once the new system is introduced. However, DIBP still needs to find ways as to how they will allow the bulk of people travelling through the airports to self-process by scanning their biometrics. Hence the relevant solution of the same is being sought by the DIBP through different means.

As of now the complete system and process is not rolled out by the DIBP. Hence, for now, the DIBP has issued a statement that the travelers will still have to carry their passports with them, however, it is quite unlikely that it will be checked or verified at any stage, until and unless any issue is encountered during the process.

Have plans to immigrate to Australia in 2017?

The latest Contactless Airport Security system being introduced by Australia is a key example of their enhanced infrastructure and technology. However, to go with the advanced system, Australia is also strengthening its Visa assessment processing to make the immigration to Australia safe and secure. Hence, if you wish to move to Australia this year, you may seek the assistance from a reliable and experienced Immigration Consultancy Service for Australia to ensure hassle free and smooth immigration to Australia going through the complex visa verification process.

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