Australian Skilled Visa – What are Consequences of Visa Rejection and how you can avoid the same?

The idea of moving to Australia fills you with joy, adventure, fun and excitement about the finest job and career opportunities.

You get the high wages as a skilled professional, which in turn help you live an incredible life in this incredible country. But to get all this, you will have to go through the complex visa procedure completing all the immigration and visa formalities as an applicant. The Australian visa process is certainly not a cake walk and takes lot out of you, while running around for every procedural thing and aspect as a visa applicant. And your worst nightmare as an applicant is getting a rejection on visa application despite doing all the hard work and taking all the pain in the world.

Well, the visa rejection is certainly heart breaking, but its consequences can be even more painful to you as an Australian Skilled Visa applicant. Let’s take look at some of these consequences and find the solution to avoid all this chaos.

Consequences of Australian Skilled Visa Rejection

As described earlier, visa rejection is certainly disappointing, looking at the kind of stress an applicant goes through while applying. Now, let’s take a look at its afterword consequences, which makes the thing worst for you as an applicant.

  • Three year re-entry ban

This is one of the worst consequences of visa rejection. Depending on the rejection reason of your visa, you may get banned for 3 years for applying the skilled visa in Australia again. Hence, you must be careful while submitting application and entering details in your application form. It will be wise to submit your application under an expert guidance to be safer side.

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  • No refund of money

The Australian skilled Visa application fee is charged for the assessment of application and not for the result what you get on your application. Hence, even if your Australian visa application rejected, your deposited fee gets against the assessment of your application and you get no refund after even after the rejection of your visa application. This may sound heart-breaking again to you, but that’s how it is. So, applying for Visa in Australia is a expensive business, so you must not take it lightly and apply under the proper guidance of an Australia migration expert, especially if you are new to the Australia immigration guidelines and rule.

  • Wastage of Valuable time

If you get rejection on your Australian visa application after doing all the exercise, it’s the valuable time lost. Even if you are able to remove a particular rejection, or apply again, your precious time lost will never come back. You may lose some precious months or years of your career and life in doing whole exercise yet again.

  • Emotional upset

Receiving a rejection on your Visa application is a huge emotional setback for many applicants. The applicants having higher expectations from their visa application get hurt the most. It may take months for them to recover from this emotional distress and depression.

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In the end, to avoid all the frightening consequences of Australian skilled visa rejection, you must hire a registered and trusted Australian Visa Consultancy firm that have years of experience and expertise in the Australia immigration process to guide you successfully. It will help you eliminate all the above possibilities and stress of following the immigration process without help.

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