Australia’s 457 Visa Program is considered Crucial for Rural Territories

The Subclass 457 visa program of Australia has been the ‘talk of the town’ for quite some time now. This is one of the most popular temporary work visa programs that allow the foreign skilled workers to live and work in Canada for up to four years.

457 Visa program is Essential for Rural Australia

As per deputy prime minister of Australia, Barnaby Joyce the 457 visa program is crucial for the Australian rural territories. The Australian medical groups have also supported the view of Barnaby Joyce in this regard. As per Joyce overseas workers are required to fill the job vacancies in the regional parts of the Australia, especially, the essential jobs in nursing and medicine, etc.

Concerns over 457 Visa program

A few critics of this program wants  significant changes in the program saying that process for obtaining this visa is too easy to be misused. A few employers are using this visa to hire the foreign workers on relatively low wages compared to the standards in Australia. They recommend key changes in the occupation list for this visa.

Doctors needed in Regional parts of Australia

Barnaby says that there is great demand of healthcare providers or doctors in the regional Australia. Though, Australian would prefer to have a doctor from Australia, however, if it is not possible then at least an overseas doctor must be available to them. Most of the residents in rural parts of Australia have great concern, as they don’t have the doctors to provide medical services, when they or their children fall sick.

The doctors might be available in good number in Australia; however, the key issue is that they are not willing to work in rural parts, where they are required the most. As per the latest statistics, medical officers, registered nurses, General Practitioners, are a few of the most in demand and regular positions occupied under the 457 Visa program.

The key medical institutions of Australia, i.e. Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Rural Doctors Association of Australia (RDAA), have also emphasized on the fact that 457 Visa program is essential for the regional parts of the country. There might be enough doctors in coming 15 years; however, the reality is the rural parts will still require the healthcare providers, specialists, and nurses, etc. on Subclass 457 Visa Program. Without the 457 Visa program, it will be really difficult to provide required medical services and facilities in rural parts of the country.

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