Australia’s cultural diversity and Safety Factors are attracting the Foreign students in Australia

As per the latest research report, cultural diversity and safety are the key factors that make international students choose Australia as their study destination. This is really a good sign for Australia, especially, in view of the unpleasant experiences faced by some overseas students in the past.

Australia- A safe destination to study

It was the 5th annual survey conducted by student recruitment firm IDP Education that included 2800 IDP clients from the 30 nations. As per the survey, the notion of Australia is safe study destination has really improved in the last one decade or so despite some unpleasant incidents in the past in some high profile cases.

The key Factors Overseas Students in Australia consider

The factors overseas students in Australia consider are proximity of the place of study, diversified culture, safety, and security, especially, in cities, i.e. Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, etc.

Opinions have also enhanced regarding Cost of Study

The opinions have also enhanced with regards to the cost of Study in Australia.  Earlier Australia used to be regarded as the expensive place of Study for international students. The survey done in this regard last year had revealed that students were not aware about cost of living in Australia and they were taken aback to experience the same here.

The key visa processing changes had the little say

As per the survey report, the recent visa processing changes had a minor impact on the overseas student influx in the country. Hence, Australia considered as the welcoming country for students unlike US or UK.

There was an interesting finding as well. The two third of the people who were questioned in the survey replied that they knew someone here in Australia before moving, while nine out of ten admitted they had a talk to someone here in Australia, before immigrating here. The multicultural society, safety, and vibrant lifestyle in the cities of Australia also attract the foreign students here.

All round efforts will have the future impacts as well in improving perceptions

As per Lyndell Jacka – the head of research for IDP Education, the positive effects of the collective efforts by the industries, government, and community are visible, which will further improve. However, Australia’s cultural diversity as well as the connections foreign individuals share here will always be a major force for sure.

We will continue to make collective efforts to help overseas students set up student for employment, career, and life, so that they can have positive perceptions about Australia, confirmed Jacka.

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