Australia’s Work Visa Program needs to be more organized and transparent, says Report

As per the latest assessment report, Australia needs to make its Working Visa program more proficient and transparent. It require reviewing the whole process of foreign workers coming and working in Australia instead of just trying to control the number. The report in review of the working visa program has been published by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA).

Labour Migration is Essential for Australia- Program needs to be more organized

The report claims that permanent labour migration is crucial for the socioeconomic development of Australia and hence, their contribution must be recognized. The government requires making the system more competent and organized along with protecting the workplace rights of the migrants. As of now, the government’s policies are only focused on filling the skill shortage by recruiting the temporary foreign workers.

As per the report, public must be given the chance to understand and support the visa regulation being done by the government. However, as of now the immigration policies at now are non-transparent, secret, and complex for the understanding of public.

Review of 457 Visa program

Subclass 457 visa program is the most popular visa program of Australia that allows the foreign workers to work in the skill shortage areas or occupations for up to four years. However, the key flaw in this program is that it allows the employers only to determine the skill shortage occupations, says the report.

The report also raises question on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) being the base of 457 visa program. It says that CSOL is not the shortage occupation list, as it contains over 600 occupations. It includes several occupations that are not actually experiencing any shortage.

Labour market testing by Employers

Labour market testing done by employers is also in question as it is not strongly enforced to produce results. The employers find easy to publish a simple social media advertisements to fulfill the low evidentiary condition implemented by Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). The report emphasize on the need of a independent commission that could compile the list of shortage occupations for the 457 visa program. Such commission will follow more practical, transparent, competent, and evidence based approach to recognize the labour market needs of Australia.

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