What are CSOL and SOL Occupation Lists of Australia? How they are crucial in Australian Immigration Process?

If you are a skilled worker planning to move to Australia, you must have heard about Australia’s CSOL and SOL lists. However, you must be confused thinking as to

What are the CSOL and SOL lists of Australia?

These are the lists of highly in demand occupations in Australia, which are launched by the Australian government every year. If you apply for Australian visa under any of these occupations, you will have higher chances of getting invitation to apply (ITA).

  • SOL- Its Skilled Occupation List (SOL) of Australia meant for those applicants, who don’t have any sponsorship from Australian employer, state, or territory government agency. The Subclass 189 visa can be applied after choosing occupation from this list.

Click here to view the latest SOL list for 2016-17

  • CSOL- This is Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL). It’s for the applicants who are applying for a sponsored Australian visa. Australian visa subclass 190, 489 etc. can be applied, after choosing an occupation from this list.

Click here to view the current CSOL list

How the Occupation Lists are connected to Your Australia Visa Process?

Australia has got a point based immigration system to invite skilled migrants in the country. Any candidate applying for a sponsored or non-sponsored visa in Australia, has to first choose an occupation from the relevant SOL and CSOL list and then need to apply in Australia’s online immigration system, i.e. SkillSelet. Every occupation in these lists has the occupation ceiling value and hence, it gets capped once the limit is reached.

Both CSOL and SOL get renewed every year, which means some of the occupations get removed and some gets added into the lists on annual basis.

How to choose an Occupation from the CSOL /SOL to apply for Australian Visa?

If you want to move to Australia on Skilled Visa, you need to first choose an occupation from the SOL or CSOL list of Australia, based on the visa category you have chosen. However, you must have appropriate experience in the occupation you have chosen to apply. Once you have chosen an occupation, submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) in SkillSelect online system. Your profile will be reviewed based on the factors, i.e. age, work experience, English Language proficiency, skill, etc. If you are selected, you will get invitation to apply for the visa.

How to get Key assistance to apply for visa in Australia?

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