Facial Recognition Technology announced for Australian Airports- A Step towards ‘contactless traveler’ processing

The government of Australia has announced to implement the Facial Recognition Technology at Australian airports. This new technology will replace the need of passports at the airports. Australian Immigration Minister has announced a 3-year program to improve the biometric system at all in International airports of the Oz and allocated a budget of $22.5 million for the same. The program aims at contactless processing of the known passengers through airports.

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‘Contactless traveler’ processing at Australian Airports

As part of contactless traveler’ processing, about over one hundred smart gates will be placed at the airports, in order to process the passengers through face recognition only without even checking their passports.

Australian immigration Minister Peter Dutton has described the new program as one-step closer to ‘contactless traveler’ processing at Australian airports. He also reaffirm the government’s commitment of protecting borders of the country along with providing trouble free arrival experience to the passengers coming to Australia from different parts of the world.

Border Security and Trouble free Processing of legitimate Travers

The steps like this would also play a key role in preventing the entry of potential terrorists and criminals in the country. The biometric system of Australia is one of the best in the world and on the verge of becoming a leader in contactless processing. Government’s interest and investment in the biometric upgrade and enhancement will further strengthen the border security along with speedy and hassle free processing of the legal travelers to Australia.

Australia Immigration System and Process has been a Mixed Bag of Events in 2017 

This year Australian immigration system and process has been in news throughout the year till now. Firstly, in the month of April 2017 the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull surprised everyone with the announcement of abolishing the popular 457-visa program for foreign skilled workers. Within the same week, Turnbull administration also replaced and cut down the popular and high demand Skilled Occupation Lists of Australia.

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However, the month of July brought some reasons to smile for the Australia immigration aspirants. In the first week of July, 2017 various states in Australia released their in demand skilled occupation lists to invite the nomination applications from the overseas skilled workers. The federal government also revised the federal skilled occupation lists, i.e. Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL).

Hence, in view of the various skilled occupation lists launched, its the best time to apply for Australian PR or work visa and obtain the same.

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