Great Demand of Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs in Australia

Foreign Investors

Almost every country across the world looks to attract foreign investments to help boost its economic growth, development and to create more jobs in the country. However, when the country like Australia invites the Foreign Investors and Entrepreneurs, very few would think twice before applying for the right visa. Well, you heard it right. There is a great demand of Investors and Entrepreneurs in Australia and hence, the government has taken significant steps to attract them in the country.

Australia is making Key Changes to Visa & Immigration Rules to attract foreign Investors

The Australian government has recently announced changes to the current Significant Investment Visa and introduced the new Entrepreneur Visa as a part of its innovation package to lure foreign investment in Australia. Moreover, it is also taking significant steps to allow the individuals under business and skilled migration visa categories to get permanent residency in Australia and help the rising markets here. Let’s take a look at the key changes in the immigration rules and visa categories implemented by the government.

  • Changes Announced to Significant Investor Visa

The key alterations to the SIV (Significant Investor Visa) of Australia started w.e.f. July last year, concentrated on the rising enterprises, foreign investment, business venture capital, and enhancing the private equity finances for investment in the small entities and startups.

  • Extra Tax Incentive for the Startup Investments

The Government is also considering employing extra tax incentives for the investors, investing in the startups in Australia. This will be applicable to the shares to be issued w.e.f. July this year.


  • The New Entrepreneur Visa

The government is also planning to introduce the new Entrepreneur visa as the latest temporary visa, effective November, 2016. This Entrepreneur visa will offer the Permanent Residency in Australia and it will also create a new stream within the current program for business innovation and investment.

Who can apply for the new Entrepreneur Visa?

Well, the most appropriate applicants for this visa would be the Entrepreneurs having the eminent development oriented ideas, which can be implemented perfectly in Australia. And the ones who have obtained a third party investment support.

This new visa is likely to boost country’s employment and economic growth, especially in sectors, i.e. ICT, Engineering, Science, and STEM, etc.

Great Opportunity for Foreign Investors & Entrepreneurs to invest and get PR in Australia

The new immigration reforms in Australia in terms of changes, introduction, and implementations in SIV, Entrepreneur visa and Additional Tax Incentive, etc. has certainly opened new doors for the foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen to invest in Australia, contribute to the local economy, and secure a PR Visa in Australia.

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