How Come Australia Attracts a Huge number of Immigrants from India?

Australia is popular widely as the top advanced country that attracts immigrants from world over. However, when it comes to attracting the immigrants from India, the number is staggering. India is the top source countries that send immigrants to Australia every year. Immigrants especially, a huge number of skilled immigrants move to Australia annually through different visa categories or immigration programs.

Let’s take look at the key reasons as to why Australia lures so many immigrants from India yearly.

A few key reasons for Australia attracting massive number of Indian Immigrants

History of Indian’s immigration to Australia goes back to colonial era, i.e. almost 4,000 years back, when Indians first begin arriving at Australia. Here are a few key factors that are responsible for huge immigration to Australia from India.

Quality of Life

The people seeking better quality of life finds Australia the best place to work and settle in view of its finest infrastructure facilities, strong economy, high living standards, best cities for human living, world class education and health care system, etc.

Australia need skilled workers

Australia need foreign skilled workers to combat skill gaps in the country and India is known for producing best skilled workers and professionals in IT, Engineering, healthcare, and other such sectors. This is the reason that most number of skilled migrants obtains the Australian work and permanent residency visa compared to other countries.

Government supports immigration

The credit also goes to the Australian government that it support the immigration in the country through its lenient immigration policy and well-structured immigration system to support the same. The Indians find Australian immigration system one of the best in the world with fast visa application processing and well planned skilled visa categories.

Job opportunities in the Kangaroo Land

Australia is known for offering multiple job opportunities and high income jobs to overseas skilled workers, in the key sectors, i.e. IT, Healthcare, Engineering, Tourism, Construction, and Manufacturing, etc., which becomes a key attraction for Skilled professionals and works in India.

Multicultural society of Australia

Australia’s society and communities are culturally diverse. Hence, the immigrants coming from India and other Asian, African and Middle East countries find it easy to integrate in Australian communities. In Australia, the people from different origins, race, culture, and religion live together with harmony.

Indian community in Australia

Indian community in Australia plays a huge role in attracting more and more immigrants to Australia from India. India is the largest source of permanent residents in Australia as per 2011-12 statistics. A huge number of Indian Australians are settled in states, i.e. Victoria, Western Australia and New South Wales, etc.

As the US looks to narrow its doors for immigrants, Australia is likely to get more and more immigrants from India in the years to come.

Though, immigration process in Australia has eased a lot over the years, however, in view of terror threats, etc. the government follows a strict visa assessment process. So, if you wish to move to Australia in 2017, it’s wise to get assistance and support from a registered Visa consultant for Australia.

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