How Easy or difficult it will be to Acquire PR in Australia in 2017?

In the modern era, the scope and opportunities of getting employment opportunity, career growth options, permanent residency, and even the citizenship in the other countries has become a general thing. And when it comes choosing best or most ideal counties to get settled permanently, Australia is right up there. It’s the huge country by land area and a wonderful place to settle permanently, in view of fantastic infrastructure, powerful economy, multiple job opportunities, and most livable cities.

Immigration to Australia in 2017

If you are also planning to move to Australia in 2017, it is crucial to explore as to how difficult or easy it will be for you in the changing immigration scenario across Australia and world. Though, Australia has been an ideal country for immigrants over the years, however, with the changed immigration rules and procedures in 2016, it will interesting to find out how things will setup for you with regards to obtaining PR in Australia next year.

Process and Immigration Rule changes in 2016  

The year 2016 has been quite eventful for the Australia immigration in view of various aspects. There were several Australia immigration rule changes in 2016. A few of such key changes are:

  • Key changes in Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
  • Reduction of stay period on 457 visa once the employment contract is over
  • A few key changes in working holiday visa
  • Revalidation check introduced for a few visa holders

Most of the immigration changes introduced in 2016 aimed at facilitating the immigration to Australia for the applicants. This year, industries and organizations of Australia have created many jobs in view of skill shortage in the country. Hence, immigration to Australia has been significant throughout the year.

Job Opportunities and immigration scope in Australia in 2017

There will be considerable job vacancies in Australia in 2017 in view of ongoing skill shortage across various state and territories of Australia. The job openings in sectors, i.e. IT, Engineering, healthcare, construction and mining, etc. are expected to be quite high next year. Hence, Australia will invite the skilled visa applications for its various high demand occupations through its popular Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL), etc. So, if you are planning to get permanent residency in Australia for a long, year 2017 will be the right time to apply for the same in view of multiple job options and trouble free immigration process.

How you may get the Vital Assistance to apply for PR visa in Australia?

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