How to apply for High Demand Jobs in Australia?

Looking to apply for high demand jobs in Australia?

Well, you must be ready to go through a few key steps to find a job in Australia that is greatly in demand. The first step would be explore and identify the highly in demand jobs in Australia. Now, once you have found the high demand jobs, next step would be to apply for these job as overseas skilled professional or worker.

Let’s understand in detail as to how you must go about following both the steps.

Finding Highly in demand occupations in Australia

In every advanced country, there are a few occupations which are greatly in demand across all its states and territories. Australia is surely not an exception. At now there are various occupations in Australia that are greatly in demand across its urban, suburban, and rural parts. The government of Australia every year releases high demand occupation lists, i.e. Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL).

These in demand occupation lists are released to invite visa applications from highly skilled and talented overseas professionals and workers to get employed in these occupations. If you have skills and experience in any of the high demand occupations in Australia, your chances of obtaining visa for the same increases. So, you must explore these lists to find out whether your occupation is in demand in Australia or not. If your occupation is there in the mentioned lists, you must get yourself ready for the second step.

You wish to apply for Visa or Job in Australia?

Now, there is a choice in the second step, i.e. whether you want to apply for jobs or a visa in Australia. Confused thinking what is the difference?

Well, the Department of Immigration Border Protection (DIBP) also provides the Permanent Residency (PR) Visa in Australia to you without the job offer, provided your occupation is in Skilled Occupation List (SOL). In this case, you first land in Australia and then find suitable jobs for you in your occupation. If you want to move to Australia without job you can apply for Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa.

Applying for job in Australia

Now if you don’t want to consider option of moving to Australia without job, you can apply for the jobs in Australia as a skilled worker from overseas. Here are the key steps to follow for the same.

  • Make a LinkedIn profile and add the employers in Australia in your account, so that you can make a network and subsequently, apply for jobs in the relevant occupation.
  • Explore the jobs sites of Australia, i.e.,, etc. apply for relevant jobs and apply for visa based on your job offer.
  • Selects the employers or organizations in Australia that offers jobs based on your profile, visit their websites and apply directly through given email or online forms, etc.

The approved employers in Australia can sponsor you for employer sponsored visas, i.e. Subclass 457 visa (Temporary visa for 4 years) and Subclass 186 visa (Permanent visa).

Want the expert advice or assistance to apply for visa in Australia?

If you seek assistance, advice, and support from the certified Australia immigration expert, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue.  The Visas Avenue immigration is the team of certified immigration experts and professionals, who have years of experience in Australia immigration process and visa categories.


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