How to Apply for Temporary work visa in Australia from Delhi?


Want to live and work in Australia from Delhi on a temporary basis?

Well, you are surely not alone in Delhi and most importantly in the world, which have such plans. Today, millions of people want to immigrate to Australia for different reasons, i.e. work, study, business, tourism, or to settle permanently.

It goes without saying that Australia is one such incredibly advanced nation that has scope and opportunity for everyone coming here with different goals and objectives.

What is the key to success when you are applying for an Australian visa from Delhi?

When you are applying for Australia immigration, the key thing is to thoroughly research and find out the right visa category to apply and know about the right immigration system to follow. It’s quite essential irrespective of the fact in which location you are at present. So, let’s find out as to what are the key options you have to apply for temporary work visa in Australia from Delhi.

What are the key temporary work visas in Australia to apply?

There are various sponsored and non-sponsored visas in Australia to apply for; however the most popular temporary work visas are as below:

  • Temporary work (Skilled) Subclass 457 visa

Subclass 457 visa is the most popular temporary visa in Australia. It allows the applicants to live and work in Australia for up to four years. However, as it’s a sponsored visa, hence, to apply for this visa, you first need to get nominated by an approved Australian employer. Once you are nominated by an employer, you can apply for this visa online, gathering the essential documents, i.e. English proficiency test results and skill assessment report, etc.

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  • Subclass 489 visa

This visa is also a provisional visa that allows you to live and work in Australia for up to four years. However, since it’s a state nominated visa, you first need to get the nomination from an Australian state to apply for this visa. You can apply for this visa to move to South Australia as the skilled nominated occupation list (SNOL) of South Australia has been launched on July 04, 2016 to receive fresh nomination applications for the in demand occupations in South Australia. If you are nominated by an Australian state or territory, you will get the intimation regarding the same and an invite to apply for the visa in Australia.

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You can get assistance from a reliable immigration consultant to follow the process accurately.

How to find a reliable immigration consultant in Delhi to apply for work visa in Australia?

If you seek assistance regarding applying for a temporary work visa in Australia, you can call the registered and certified immigration experts for Australia at Visas Avenue Immigration.

The Visas Avenue is a reliable and registered immigration consultancy services, located in Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Visas Avenue have been helping several visa applicants in Delhi and rest of the parts of India to complete the visa process in a hassle free manner, so that they can get the timely approval of their desired visa.


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