How to find Employer or Sponsor for Subclass 457 Visa in Australia?

Australian Subclass 457 visa is one of the most popular visa programs in Australia. Every year, thousands of applicants from all parts of the world apply for this Australian visa. If you are one of the several aspirants of this popular Australian visa, let’s find out more about 457 visa program and pathways to search employers or sponsor for the same.

What is Subclass 457 Visa program?

Australia needs temporary workers under 457 Visa program in view of skill shortage across its various industries and states. The Subclass 457 visa allows overseas skilled worker to live and work in Australia for up to four years, once they have been sponsored by the approved employer in Australia.

There are several short term occupations (over 600) that need highly skilled workers from overseas countries, as there are not enough Australian workers to take up the positions. Though, disputes are also associated with 457 Visa program, however, no one can deny the genuine shortage of skilled workers in regional Australia.

How to get Sponsor for Subclass 457 visa as an overseas applicant?

The Subclass 457 Visa not only allows you to work in Australia for up to four years, but also provide you chance to apply for permanent residency in Australia after due course of time under certain conditions. Hence, this visa is widely popular among the immigrants. However, the key issue aspirants of this visa face are finding employers or sponsors of Subclass 457 Visa. Here are the key tips you can use to find 457 visa sponsors.

  • Get equipped with the essential documents/things. Obtain the positive skill assessment for your chosen occupation; get the IELTS test result with good score. Though, IELTS score of 6 is minimum required, however, higher score will be better to enhance your profile.
  • You need to have reasonable experience and qualification to survive the competition for this program.
  • Build a perfect resume keeping the Australian employers in mind.
  • You must have skills and experience that are highly in demand in Australia but not readily available.
  • Explore and apply for jobs through top Australian job website, i.e. seek, etc.
  • Create LinkedIn profile and add Australian employers in your contact list.
  • Prepare an impressive cover letter highlighting your profile and job responsibilities you are prepared to take up.
  • Don’t limit yourself or focus on the big cities only. Be ready to get employed in the regional Australia as well, where the demand of skilled workers is genuine.

No matter in which country you are looking for a job, you always require making all out efforts to find an employment. Once, you have secured a job offer or sponsorship for Subclass 457 visa, next step would be applying for the visa.

How get vital assistance and support to apply for Subclass 457 visa? 

To get complete assistance with regards to Subclass 457 visa process and requisite documents, you may coordinate with certified migration expert at Visas Avenue. The Visas Avenue is the registered as well as reliable Visa Consultancy Service for Australia.



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