Immigration is essential for Australia- Says the top Australian Ministers

The top Australian minister says that immigration as well as foreign investment is crucial for the future of Australia. As per them, denying the entry of few individuals in Australia, may impact the prosperity of nation in long run.

Immigration is key for Australia

As per the Treasurer Scott Morrison, Australia must take immigration positively. He condemned the reports and evidences saying that Muslims should be banned in the country. Immigration is the talk of the town in Australia as a recent survey revealed that a huge part of population is in support of banning the Muslim immigrants in the country. He warned saying that such move could be dangerous and will have its consequences on the country.

Positive impact of Immigration programs and foreign investments in Australia

Morrison further said, Immigration programs and foreign investment that emphasizes on inviting more and more people to Australia makes a fruitful contribution to Australia’s economy and growth by creating jobs, increasing wages, raising the standards of living and enhancing the development and growth of the country.

Australia’s Immigration Systems is focused on economic immigration

As per Morrison, unlike other countries, Australia’s Immigration system is focused on economic immigration and hence, stresses on inviting the individuals and families, who have potential to contribute to the economy and growth of Australia.

He further pointed out that the foreign investment is critical and hence, there must be a balance in luring and welcoming foreign capital and sustaining the community faith in the foreign investment system and establishment in the country.

Immigration Rules are already protecting the national interest

Morisson firmly said that the immigration rules of Australia are guarding its national interest already and such rules are being enforced as well. The government has been very particular about controlling the foreign investment and it is doing the same with the enhanced enforcement to pursue the defaulters.

Today, many countries across the world are opening their economies for the international trade and cooperation. In such a paradigm shift, Australia just can’t shut its doors and choose not to trade.

Foreign Investment has given rich dividend to Australia in the past

The foreign capital and investment has provides us the high living standards, economic development, jobs, etc. All this was not possible through the national savings alone. Keeping the doors open for immigration, trade and investment will enhance the productivity by filling the skill gaps, which will ultimately benefit the Australians, said Morrison.

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