Is 457 the Best Australian Visa for an Indian?

I wish I could get the chance to work in Australia somehow! Well, if you are an Indian, this is the most common desire you may have as a youngster or as a person who is employed in some group, however, want something more something better in life, such as better growth, better income, better facilities, and better career and so on. To achieve this better or more in life, immigration to a new country is the obvious choice for a young Indian.

What are the options you have for immigration as an Indian?

And when it comes to moving to a new country for better growth opportunities, the countries you can count on fingers if you are in India. The Indians most often prefer moving, Canada, Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand, etc. countries. So, you must have understood by now that I am discussing here the most common immigration destination for an Indian, i.e. Australia.

Why 457 Visa is best for you as Indian?

Now coming to the point, why 457 Visa is the best for you, when there are several other skilled migration and sponsored visa options available for you to move to Australia from India.

The 457 visa is basically a sponsored or nominated visa, so you first need to be nominated by an Australian employer to get selected for this visa. However, the best thing is that it’s an uncapped visa, thoroughly depends on the employers’ demand, which often remains high throughout the year.

So, if your occupation is among the in demand among the employers of Australia, you stand a top chance of getting selected. Hence, if you are thinking of applying for this visa, I advise you to seriously explore your contacts, websites, etc. to find an employer for sponsorship of this visa.

The employer, however, needs to be approved as a standard business sponsor in Australia.  Now, instead of going in to further details, I will tell you its benefit for you as Indian so that you can decide yourself.

Benefits of Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visa

If you are a 457 visa holder you are:

  • Allowed to work in Australia for up to 4 years
  • Allowed to bring a depended (eligible) with you, who will also be allowed to work and study in Australia
  • Allowed to move in and out of Australia as many time you want, till the time your visa is valid.

So, if you have checked the benefits, you must agree that four years is the significant period for anyone to achieve success in Australia, integrate with society, and even make arrangements to get settled in the country. The best thing is that you can also take along a dependent with you.

Now let’s check what all you need to get this Australian visa.

What are the Key Requirements of Subclass 457 Visa?

To get this visa you need to:

  • Show at least English Language proficiency
  • Have the requisite experience as well as skills to get nominated for an occupation
  • Get the skill assessment done from a recognized assessing authority
  • Have and show the desire to get employed in the nominated occupation
  • Provide Character and health certification
  • Appropriate health insurance must be arranged as soon as you reach Australia.

What is the process to apply for 457 Visa from India?

Well, as mentioned earlier, you first need to explore the job options and vacancies in Australia and get sponsorship from an approved Australian employer. Once you are nominated by an approved Australian employer, you need to gather all your essential documents and create an ImmiAccount online and submit the application mentioning the TRN (Transaction Reference Number) provided by your employer.

How can an Immigration Consultant help me get the 457 visa?

If you are an employed person, I can understand that you may find the process a bit technical. Moreover, finding an Australian employer for sponsorship is also a challenge. As an immigration expert, I would suggest you to contact any of the Australian Immigration Specialist or Expert at immigration to Australia.

Now, coming to the point what help you can seek from Immigration to Australia, here are a few services it offers as a leading Immigration Consultancy in India:

  • Creating online profile for applicants
  • Submitting online/offline applications
  • Filling the form
  • Resume rebuilding for finding jobs
  • Help to get the skill assessment done by relevant authority
  • Help in getting the English language certification.
  • Visa filing
  • Follow up with your visa application with authorities, etc.

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