Job Prospects in Australia are much better in 2017 compared to last year

If you are looking to immigrate to and work in Australia this year, it’s going to be the right decision in view of encouraging job prospects in the country compared to last year. This year, higher number of jobs is being advertised by the Australian employers than previous year at the same time. Let’s find more about it to know about bright job prospects in Australia in 2017.

More Jobs are being advertised in Australia this year

In Australia, the start of the New Year has been significant in terms of number of jobs being advertised by the organizations or employers in the country. As per the recent report from the leading Australian job site SEEK, an increase of 7 percent is recorded in the jobs advertised in the month of January, 2017, compared to a year before. This upsurge is noted across different territories and state of the Kangaroo Land.

Upsurge in Jobs in the Key Australian States

Job openings are predominantly high in the few key Australian states, i.e. Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland. A considerable rise is noticed in the jobs in these key Australian states.

  • Queensland

Job advertisements were 8 percent higher in Queensland with trades and services having largest share, followed by healthcare and medical jobs. Hospitality and tourism stand at third position in terms of increased job adverts.

  • Western Australia

The overall job growth was not much in Western Australia, however, a few job sectors registered incredible increase in number of jobs advertised compared to last year, such as, Mining, Resources and Energy (up by 45 percent).

South Australia

The SA continued to dominate the job growth in the country with a staggering job advert growth of 25.4 percent. Trades and Services had the largest job share in SA as well with a remarkable job growth of 48 percent year on year.

among other states, Victoria and Tasmania were significant with above eight percent job growth while New South Wales, and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) not far behind. Northern territories also registered minor upsurge in overall job growth.

Occupations or job sectors with higher volume across the country

In terms of job advertisement volume, Information Communication and Technology (ICT) lead the tally with a rise of one percent overall, while trades and services jobs boosted by 14 percent with healthcare and medical not far behind.

Based on the above report observations, Managing Director of SEEK (AUS & NZ), Michael Ilczynski, the individuals looking to work in Australia have got a great chance of obtaining a position at now, in view of current scenario with fewer applicants for an open position in Australia based on the state you are looking to immigrate.

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