Jobs are Increasing in the Key Sectors of Australia

Australia is one of the best countries for the immigrant workers. Its ideal working conditions and high paying jobs lures foreign skilled workers from all parts of the world. This is the reason that despite the recent immigration changes, the good news from Australian job sector continues to please the foreign skilled worker looking to apply for work visa in Australia.

Job Growth in Key Job sectors of Australia

A significant growth observed in the Energy, Mining and resources sector of Australia. Hence, more and more skilled workers and professionals are in demand in these sectors. As per the monthly assessment report from job site SEEK, about 6.6 percent new positions created and advertised by employers across Australia in the month of April.

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Growth in the Energy, mining and Resources Sector

The jobs sectors with largest growth are Energy, mining and resources. As per the SEEK, the job advertisement growth in all these sectors is 55 percent more compared to last year. This certainly is an encouraging sign for both Australia and the overseas workers and skilled professionals seeking work visa in Australia.

The job growth has been relatively low in Energy, mining and resources sectors in last few years; hence, the percentage growth recorded in these sectors this year is incredible. It is also encouraging news for the people who are looking to apply for jobs in these sectors. In last three months, the job advertisement in these key sectors has risen to 70 percent compared to month of April last year. The hike in prices of Coal, Iron, Ore, etc, resources is being seen as the key indicator for the job growth in these sectors.

State wise Job Growth

Overall job growth of over 12 percent seen in WA (Western Australia), whereas, the key sectors, i.e. Energy, mining, resources observed growth of about 60 percent compared to what it was a year earlier. The WA is also a home to maximum industries.

Victoria and New South Wales registered the job advert growth of 7.4 percent and 2.3 percent respectively. IT industry was the biggest beneficiary in both the states as far as job growth is concern.

Trade and services is on the boom in South Australia, with staggering 34 percent rise in the job adverts with overall growth of 18.4 percent.

After seeing the marginal fall of two percent in the month of March, Queensland job advertisements increased by 8.8 percent. Job advertisements were also enhanced close to ten percent in Tasmania, followed by ACT (5.5 Percent) and Northern Territories (1.2 percent).
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