Moving to South Australia on Subclass 489 or 189 Visa? Here is how you can get help to find a job

want to move south australia - Visas AvenueEvery year thousands of Australia immigration aspirants move to Australia on skilled visas, i.e. Subclass 189, 190, 489, 186, etc. Some of these visas are sponsored and others are non-sponsored. If you apply for the non sponsored visa, you don’t need sponsorship from Australian employer.

Although, moving to Australia on subclass 489 or 189 Visa saves you from the trouble getting sponsorship from Australian employer, however, it raises another question, i.e.

How to find a job in Australia to earn a living, when you landed there without a job?

If you are moving via 189 it is understandable that you will not have a job when you will land in Australia. However, even if you come here as skilled migrant through state nomination, you don’t really get a guarantee of a job here. You really need to find your way to obtain a job in Australia.

How Specialist Migrants Services (SMS) can help you get A Job in SA?

Well, if you are moving to South Australia, you can always avail Special Migrant Services (SMS) to get free employment as new migrant in SA. The SMS is the part of Department of State Development. It is a state government agency of South Australia that provides key help to build a skilled workforce in SA by the way of education and skill schemes.

What are the key services SMS provide you?

Once you land in South Australia, you can get in touch with the Specialist Migrant Services for receiving key help in foreign educational qualification assessment and in finding skilled job in SA. The key services SMS provide are:

  • Preparation for a job, i.e. resume rebuilding, interpreting job ads and interview methods and techniques
  • Key support in finding a job
  • Helping you join the retraining and upskilling programs
  • Personal counseling for the individual need special assistance.

How to move to Australia on 189 or 489 visa?

If you want to move to Australia on 189 or 489 visa, you can get the inclusive support and assistance from the registered migration expert at Visas Avenue immigration. The experts at Visas Avenue shall help you in online profile creation, EOI (Expression of Interest) submission, visa filing, skill assessment, letter drafting, resume rebuilding, visa application follow up with authorities, etc.

Moreover, the Visas Avenue immigration experts take a special session with you regarding, how you can find the job overseas, and what are the agencies you can contact to get the free help and support in job search. It also informs you as to how you can avail the various social services provided by the federal or state government in Australia.

You may also send your Australia immigration enquiries, questions, feedback and queries on Visas Avenue email id-

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