Number of Jobs Increased All Over Australia

The employment opportunities have increased tremendously across all territories and states of the Australia. A significant growth seen in the percentage of job advertisements (i.e. 8 percent) last month compared to last year same time period on the popular Australian job site SEEK. Job Advertisements in Trades and Services sector shared the huge part of this job advertisement upsurge.

SA leads the way in terms of Job growth

South Australia (SA) is leading the way for other states and territories of Australia with highest rise in job advertisements. The key states contributing to this tremendous job growth in Australia are South Australia, Western Australia Victoria, and Queensland.

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SA registered the biggest rise in the job advertisements, i.e. 21 percent. The second in the list is Victoria with job advert upsurge of 10 percent. Queensland is not far behind with a total upsurge of 9.3 percent. It is closely followed by the Western Australia (WA), which recorded the job advertisement growth of 7.5 percent.

WA and Queensland Recovered from Slump

Last year, WA and Queensland were facing the slump in terms of number of jobs, however, now both states seem to have recovered from the same. The credit largely goes to the job rise in Trades and Services sector. The key jobs available in this sector are fitters, auto mechanics, machinists, electricians, turners, etc.

Job advert Rise in other parts of Oz

Among other Australian states, New South Wales (NSW) recorded the job advertisement growth of 5.7 percent. The ACT (Australian Capital Territory) shows the rise by 9.9 percent, while Tasmania and Northern territories also recorded the minor upsurge, i.e. 4.8 percent and 4.9 percent respectively.


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Job Growth in Key Industries

The best job advert growth is observed in the Mining, Energy, and Resources sector (i.e. about 66 percent) particularly in Queensland and Western Australia.

Overall, a rise of more than 3.5 percent observed in the employment index of the SEEK Job site in the month of February.

Ideal time for Job seekers to apply for Skilled visa in Australia

The skilled workers looking for job overseas has a best chance to obtain a job in Australia at this time in view of significant employment upsurge in Australia- the lucky country.  Australia offers point tested skilled visas to invite the foreign skilled workers to apply for the high demand occupations in its country.

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For this purpose, it every year releases the high demand occupation lists, i.e. Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) to invite applications from foreign skilled workers for these occupations. If you wish to get employed in the high demand occupations in Australia, you may get in touch with registered Australian Visa Consultant to prepare the documents fast and apply for the relevant skilled visa.

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