What are the job prospects for skilled migrants in South Australia? How to go about visa process?


If you are planning to work in Australia, the SA (South Australia) could be the best place for you to explore job prospects.

SA is consistently growing economy for more than a decade now.

It’s a key source and base of mineral and energy, agricultural products, advanced manufacturing sector, automobiles, food and wine, and high technology defense equipment, etc.

Various new projects, industries, developments are contributing to the economy and growth of this incredible state and making it the best place to live and work for thousands of skilled and talented individuals across the world.

What are the job prospects for skilled migrants in South Australia?

The SA provides you several job prospects in both public and private domains across its various industries.

South Australia has got more than 300 existing & upcoming major projects with a value of approximately $90 billion.

Let’s take a look at the key industries in Australia creating new opportunities:

  • IT and Biotech Industries and Organizations: There is a great demand of skilled and experienced professionals in the Booming IT industry and biotech sector of SA.
  • Energy and Mineral Resources: There is a great scope and opportunity in the prospering energy and resources sector of South Australia. This industry has increased its employment share more than twenty percent in last one decade or so.
  • Opportunities for Skilled Professionals: Highly skilled professionals are greatly in demand in sectors, i.e. Engineering, trade, Healthcare, Management, and Natural resources, etc.
  • Wine export: It’s another flourishing industry in South Australia, as it’s the sixth largest in terms of wine production.
  • Global leader in Exports: SA is a leading exporter of meat, seafood ores, wine, and minerals.

Key Center for Service Industry

Adelaide in SA is a home to several data centers, back offices, shared services, MNC companies, helpdesk operations, contact centers, etc. The service industry in SA creates and offers thousands of jobs every year.

Key Tips to find job opportunities across various industries and sectors in SA?

  • Jobs are listed regularly in the Saturday edition of the leading newspapers of Adelaide, including the national newspaper – The Australian.
  • A key industry to explore for jobs in SA is Bioscience. Keep an eye on the jobs offered by this sector as over 40 new organizations are about to establish in coming years.
  • In SA there are over 300 export associated health organizations that promote the services and products to a huge number of overseas countries- An industry to explore for vacancies.
  • Visit the Career and Job section on the website skills.sa.gov.au for latest job opportunities and for key tips to find jobs.
  • Refer to the website of Immigration South Australia for key guidance with regard to available employment opportunities and key advice.
  • Visit the Training and Skills Section on the website skills.sa.gov.au for the key information with regard to available training and higher education courses.


How to go about visa process to work in SA?

Well, there are several visa options to apply for if you are interested in working in Australia, i.e. Subclass 189, 190, 457 visas, etc.

Moreover, the Immigration South Australia is about to launch its revised Skilled Nomination Occupation List (SNOL) on July 4, 2016. You can choose an occupation from the upcoming list and apply for subclass 489 visa.

If you need any assistance or support to apply for the Australian work or PR Visa, you can get in touch with the registered immigration experts at Immigration To Australia on info@immigrationtoaustralia.co.in

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