Occupation Not Listed in SOL/CSOL? Find out the Alternate Options to Move to Australia

Australia is a country every skilled worker wants to move to get employed in the top multinational organizations, enjoying life in the most livable cities of the world and establishing a wonderful career and life. But not all the aspirants meet the criteria of immigration to Australia.

After the introduction of point based skilled immigration system, the process to immigrate to Australia has become even more challenging and technical for the understanding of the layman.

A few key factors that confuse the immigration applicants are:

  • Point Based Immigration System– Australia’s point based immigration system often confuses the applicants. As per points system, your eligibility for a particular skilled visa is determined based on the points you have scored for your experience, education and language skills etc. factors.
  • SkillSelect System– It’s an online system that process the online EOIs (Expression of Interests) received for the general skilled migration visas.
  • Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL)- These are the lists of high demand occupations in Australia facing skill shortage. Hence, the government invites applications for these occupations from highly skilled and talented workers and professionals from overseas.

Let’s talk more about the later one a bit more to understand it better.

Skillled Occupation List /Consolidated Occupation List  

Australian government every year releases a Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). These lists include the occupations or job categories, which are greatly in demand from the employers and multiple organizations in Australia.

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So, an applicant willing to apply for Skilled Migration Visa, i.e. Subclass 189 Visa, Subclass 190 Visa or Subclass 489 Visa, needs to choose a relevant occupation from SOL or CSOL based on the chosen visa category.

What if your occupation is not listed in SOL/CSOL?

Well, if your occupation is not listed in any of the high demand occupation lists of Australia, i.e. SOL or CSOL, you can still make it to Australia through below pathways:

  • Working Holiday Visa

If you are between 18-30 years of age, you can apply for working holiday visa in Australia that allows you to work in Australia and gain valuable experience while being on holiday for 12 months. So, while on working holiday visa, you can get used of Australian job market and make valuable contacts to prepare ground for permanent residency.

  • Student Visa

The Student visa is another key pathway to enter in Australia. Enroll in any higher education course, i.e. post graduation degree, and subsequently, get the privilege to gain valuable work experience. You can also get your student visa converted in to permanent residency, if you meet some key requirements.

To have better insight into your options of obtaining the permanent residency in Australia, you may get in touch with a certified and registered Australia immigration Consultancy. A trusted Visa consultancy Service not only provides you the guidance in choosing the appropriate immigration pathway, but also offers the vital support and assistance in visa and immigration process from start till the end.


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