What are the Key Visa Requirements to Study in Australia?


So you are planning to study in Australia? Have you gathered the enough updates and information about the key Australian study visa requirements from reliable sources?

Not yet? Well, hope this post will help you gather some key information about studying in Australia.

What are the key Educational requisites to study in Australia?

The academic or educational requirements shall largely depend upon the study program and educational institution you choose to pursue studies. Hence, you are advised to visit the website of university or institution, you are moving to, in order to get detailed information about the course of study and other requisites.

However, if you fall short of any educational requirement with regard to high school qualification, etc., you may take up a foundation program of study. It is also termed as Bridging study programs (one year) and helps you meet the requisites.

Guidelines for Key Study Programs in Australia

Here are a few key points based on the different study programs in Australia.

  • VET (Vocational Education & Training)– Usually entrance test is not required for getting enrolled in the Vocational education training course. However, certain courses may demand the relevant subjects or work experience based on the course of study.
  • Postgraduate -Higher Education – It demands the completion of minimum undergraduate level degree, your institution may take research ability or relevant work experience into consideration.
  • Undergraduate-Higher Education – To enroll in undergraduate course in Australia, you would require having Senior Secondary Certificate of Australia, or the equivalent foreign certificate. Certain courses of this level may also demand particular subjects as requirement.
  • English language Course– The admission requirements in the English Language course are different for the separate courses and educational institutions.

Hope you have noted the most of the content described above for popular study programs in Australia. Now let’s take a look at the visa requirements.

What are the key Visa requirements to study in Australia?

The Visas requisites again shall depend upon the study programs you select. However, the general requirements for Australian study visas are as follows:

  • You have enough to support your course fees, living expenses and return travel ticket.
  • Required level of English language proficiency (provide the valid test results appropriate for study visas)
  • You have got an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate.
  • You fulfill the Genuine Temporary Entrant requisites.
  • You need to get Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • You fulfill the health and character requisites.

You must make a note of all the above requisites, if you have plans for education in Australia. If you need further clarification with regard to study visa process in Australia, here is how you can acquire the same.

How to get key support to apply for Study Visa in Australia?

If you need further assistance or support to apply for the study visa in Australia, you may write to the registered immigration for Australia at info@immigrationtoaustralia.co.in . Alternatively, you may call the immigration expert at Immigration To Australia.

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