Applying for an Australian Visa? Find out how to choose the right Immigration consultant?

australiaAustralia allows the immigrants, especially the skilled workers in the country through an organized point based system.

However, most of the applicant often gets confused with this system, while applying for an Australian Visa. Hence, choosing a reliable immigration consultant is essential, especially, when you are new to immigration and visa process formalities. But the question here is,

How to choose the right immigration consultant for Australia immigration?

As just discussed, Australia has got the specific point based system for allowing the immigrants in the country; hence, in order to choose the right immigration consultant, you must make sure that the consultant is aware of all the key procedures.

What are the key things an Australia Immigration Consultant Must Know?

  • Point based Skilled Visas in Australia
  • CSOL (Consolidated Skilled Occupation List) & SOL (Skilled Occupation List)
  • Immigration Point Calculator and minimum point score
  • Online EOI Submission
  • SkillSelect online System
  • Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Visa Categories
  • Post ITA Process, etc.

Apart from this, your consultant must also be good in the other key aspects of the reliable immigration consultancy service.

What are the key aspects to check in an Immigration consultant?

The key aspects of the good immigration consultant are as follows:

  • The Immigration consultant you choose need to be registered with the key immigration regulatory bodies (i.e. MARA in case of Australia).
  • He must keep the immigration process and consultancy fees, etc. simple and transparent for your understanding.
  • The Case Manager and supporting staff must be cooperative and generous.
  • It must explain the process in a stepwise manner covering all the key aspects of Australia immigration.
  • The Case Managers and experts must be thorough with all the key immigration programs and visa categories of Australia.
  • Prompt query resolution and customer services center
  • It must provide the help in all the committed procedural things, i.e. documentation, visa filing, letter drafting, visa follow up, etc.
  • If it can help in the additional procedures, i.e. IELTS certification, skill assessment, ECA through WES and resume rebuilding, etc., it will really be a bonus for you.

If you get all the above features in the consultancy service you have chosen for visa in Australia, you can say it’s the best one.

How to find the best immigration Consultant for Australian Visa?

Well, finding the right immigration consultancy service is really a challenge, especially when you need it for the immigration to a country like Australia. If you seek the key support for Australian visa, the Visas Avenue immigration can be a vital mentor or support for you. Visas Avenue is the top and registered immigration advisory company in India. It specializes in Australia and Canada Immigration.

Once you coordinate with Visas Avenue immigration, you are sure to get the inclusive support in all the key procedural aspects of Australian immigration visa process. You can see the client reviews of Visas Avenue.

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