Student Visa Vs PR- Which one to choose for Immigration to Australia?

A huge number of youngsters seeking wonderful career and life aboard, every year apply for visa in overseas countries. Australia is one of the most popular and immigrant friendly country that every year welcome thousands of immigrants from different countries from world over. The youngsters looking to move to Australia often remain confused as to which would be right visa for them to move to ‘the lucky country’.

Student visa and Permanent Residency visa are the two popular choices of youngsters moving to Australia. However, they often spend quality time in exploring the key aspects of the two visas to find out which one is best for them. Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of both the visas to find out which one is suitable for you.

Student Visa in Australia

A huge number of young individuals apply for student visa in Australia from different parts of Asia, Africa and the world. They seek the entry in Australia through Study visa and most of them succeed as well. However, you don’t just move to Australia to study. In fact, you first need to send application to the relevant university for a getting enrolled in a particular course. On receiving the approval from that university you can apply for visa after meeting the other prescribed visa rules and conditions.

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The key drawback of study visa is that you don’t get a job in hand upon landing in Australia; however, you have to arrange the money to pay your tuition fee as a student in Australia. On the other end, when you are moving to Australia on a work or PR visa, you don’t need to spend money on any such thing.

PR Visa in Australia

Subclass 189 Visa is the best permanent residency visa in Australia. It doesn’t need any nomination or sponsorship from any Australian employer or state. You simply can apply for this visa and your eligibility will be determined as per the point you score based on your age, education, work experience, language proficiency, etc. You need to obtain minimum 60 points to qualify as an applicant of Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa in Australia. If you are able to receive the ITA (invitation to apply) for visa from the immigration authorities based on your points score, you will become eligible to apply for visa. In this case, you need to apply for the permanent visa, within 60 days of the receipt of ITA from immigration authorities. You can directly move to Australia and start exploring the relevant job for yourself.

Finally, if you have the skills and experience to apply for PR Visa in Austrlia, you should apply for PR Visa only and not for the student visa. Even if you apply for Student visa, you ultimately have to fulfill the conditions for PR visa to become a permanent resident in Australia.

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Looking to Apply for PR or Student visa in Australia?

If you wish to apply for PR or student visa in Australia, you may get in touch with reliable and registered Australia Migration agent to receive inclusive immigration process support and assistance.

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