What Makes Australia the Best Destination for Immigrants?

The people with the desire for overseas immigration prefer the advanced countries. An advance country is more likely to provide opportunities and atmosphere for a skilled worker to grow and prosper personally and professionally. Despite a long list of advanced countries, only few countries can be termed as the best destination for immigrants.

And when we talk about the list of immigrant friendly countries, Australia certainly tops the list. It’s not just the number of people moving to Australia makes it great destination to immigrate to, rather, there are various key aspect linked with immigration to Australia, which establishes its status as the top immigration destination in the world. Let’s explore a few of such aspects.

Australia- a great destination for immigrants

What is the criterion or parameter that makes a country best destination for immigrants?

Well, in fact, there is no fix criterion as such, however, we collect a few key features of a country that suits an immigrant the best and hence, we decide which country is good or best for immigrants.

Now, if an aspirant of immigration don’t want to go into all the details of immigration aspects, etc., and simply asks for a reason to move to Australia, what would it be? The answer to this would be look at the immigrant population of Australia. That’s it. Let me explain this fact in detail.

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Today, there are several advanced nations which have a huge part of their population born overseas, i.e. USA, Canada, UK, etc. However, the proportion of immigrant population makes a few countries incredibly different from others.

Massive Immigrant Population in Australia

Talking about Australia, about 28 percent, i.e. close to 7 million out of total 24 million people in Australia were born outside Australia. And if we include in this the number of people who were born in Australia, however, their parents were born overseas the percentage of total immigrant population in Australia goes close to 40 percent. No other country has such massive part of population having its roots overseas. Though, Saudi may have the better percentage in this regard, however, we all know that immigrants in gulf countries are mostly the temporary residents and no immigrants ever gets the citizenship in most of the gulf nations. Rest all countries well behind Australia in terms of immigrant population, i.e. Canada with 22%, Germany with 15%, and USA with 14% and UK with 13% immigrant population.

This enormous part of Australian population has different roots, religions, identity, ethnicity, and culture. Despite all this, they all live in Australia with peace and harmony. Australia takes pride in its multicultural society or cultural diversity.

Want to be a part of Incredible Australia?

Australia has the most organized immigration system in the world to allow the immigrants in the country through different visa categories. In view of ongoing skills shortage in the country, Australia every year invites a huge number of skilled workers from overseas. If you want to immigrate to Australia, get in touch with a certified Australia Migration Agent and get your immigration file ready at earliest to apply for the relevant skilled visa in Australia and be a part of an incredible ‘land down under’.

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