Want to work in Australia as ICT Business & Systems Analysts? Apply fast as 462 applications are left

If you have plans to work in Australia as ICT Business & Systems Analysts, you must apply fast as limited applications are remaining to apply in its Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

Australia is one of the best destinations to work as IT Professional. Australia every year lure a huge number of IT Professionals in view of its multiple job opportunities, high paid jobs, and fantastic infrastructure facilities. Let’s take look as to why you must apply at earliest to work in Australia as ICT Business & Systems Analysts.

462 Applications are left in SOL to Apply for Skilled Visa in Australia

The government of Australia every year releases the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). This list includes the occupations, which are highly in demand across various states and territories in Australia. However, every occupation listed in SOL has an ‘Occupation Ceiling Value’, i.e. the limit value and applications beyond that cannot be accepted in a particular year.

The Occupation of ICT Business & Systems Analysts had the Occupation Ceiling Value of 1482 for the year most probably ending in June or July this year. Out of these 1482 occupations 1020 are already occupied and now only 462 occupations are remaining in the SOL. Hence, you must apply fast before this occupation gets capped. Moreover, as the list gets updated every year, you never know whether the occupation ICT Business & Systems Analysts will be there in the next list or not. So, if you have interest in working in the Australia under the given occupation, you must coordinate with a reliable Australia immigration consultant to prepare your immigration file at earliest.

What are the Visa options immigrate to Australia under the given occupation?

Australia has designed several Skilled Visas to invite applications from the overseas skilled workers for the high demand occupations listed in SOL. You can apply for either of the below visas.

  • Skill Independent Subclass Visa 189

This is one of the easiest skilled permanent visas in Australia. As the title suggests, it is an independent visa that doesn’t require any job offer or state nomination from Australia. You can directly apply for this visa through SkillSelect Online system.

  • Skilled Nominated Subclass Visa 190

This is a state nominated permanent skilled visa that allows you to live and work permanently in Australia. However, as this is a state nominated visa, you first need to acquire the nomination from a particular state to apply for this visa.

  • Skilled (Provisional) Subclass Visa 489

This is provisional visa that allows you to live and work in Australia for up to four years. However, this visa also requires the state nomination from the applicant.

Need crucial support and assistance to Apply for a Skilled Visa in Australia?

If you seek support and assistance from a certified migration expert to apply for visa in Australia, you may get in touch with Visas Avenue. The Visas Avenue is the registered and trusted Immigration Consultancy Firm in India that specializes in Australia and Canada immigration and PR process.

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