World Bank Considers Canada, Australia & US as Top Immigration Destinations for highly Skilled Migrants

As per the latest research report from World Bank, Canada and Australia ranks among the top four countries that attract highly skilled migrants from all parts of the world. The top four researchers of the world have studied the migration pattern across the world to find out the movement of immigrants.

Research is done to understand the immigration pattern across the world

The researchers have done a thorough analysis to understand which part of the world these immigrants coming from and going to. As per the research results, USA, UK, Canada and Australia are the four countries that attract most of the immigrants of the world.

World immigration statistics are stable despite all the chaos about immigration

The findings of the research report reveals that despite the entire buzz, political movements, media hype, and hustle and bustle, etc. about immigration worldwide, the immigration across the world is still steady in terms of the total percentage of the people who are living in country other than their home country, i.e. 3 percent.

A specific Pattern is visible in Skilled Migration

Keeping the upsurge due to recent immigration influx to some countries, a set pattern of highly skilled and educated people voluntarily moving to other countries is seen. In this immigration pattern, highly skilled immigrants from a vast number of countries in the world are moving to certain key countries, especially to USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Top four countries are absorbing 75% of Total skilled migrants in the world

The United States of America leads the list as 40% of the total Skilled Migrants in the world are moving to USA. However, when we include, UK, Canada, and Australia as well in the list, the percentage shoots up to 75% of the total skilled migrants in the world.

Canada is attracting significant number of Highly Skilled Migrants through its Lenient Immigration Policy

Countries like Canada are attracting more and more highly skilled immigrants every year through their lenient immigration policies and conducive environment in the country. To see the success of countries like Canada, other advanced economies, i.e. Spain, Germany, France, etc. have also come forward to lure more Skilled immigrants in the country.

Most of the Software Engineers and Doctors in US and Australia are Immigrants

However, the top four countries are still dominating the proceedings by attracting the largest share of immigrants from different parts of the world. For instance, three-fourth of the total Software Engineers employed in Silicon Valley are immigrants. Similarly, above 50 percent of Doctors in Western Australia (WA) are immigrants.

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